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Autumn Leaf Doily

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Can't stop, wont stop... making fall crochet goodness. I originally pinned this pattern a few years ago and it continuously pops up in my Pinterest feed saying "make me, make me!" So I finally did!

This pattern is great for a beginner learning to read crochet chart patterns- they even list the meanings of the symbols! I'm newish to reading charts- so I will always take any help I can get!

The pattern doesn't list a hook size or recommended weight of yarn. The bigger the hook and heavier the weight of yarn you use, the bigger your leaf will be. The smaller the hook and lighter the yarn, the smaller it will be.

I used a size 4 mm hook and weight 3 yarn. To give you a gauge for size- mine came out to about 15" from the top point of the leaf to the bottom of the leaf, 18" from top of the leaf to end of the stem. It's 13" wide from the furthest points of the sides of the leaf. I think this size is perfect for cute decorative doily or you can make a few and you've got cute seasonal place mats!

I'm in love with the yarn I found for this project. It photographs a little darker than what it actually is but its so pretty either way. It's "Fair Isle Barclay in Orchard". It's got a little sheen to it that I just LOVE. You can buy it here.

If you are in love with these leaves as much as I am- you can download the pattern here and make your own:

Happy Crocheting!

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