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Pretty in Pink Dino Plush

When there is more than one kiddo, you must be fair with the gifts. I made the sweet little Raccoon for my niece who just arrived in January but I couldn't leave out her older sister.

Trying to keep up with kids favorite things is tough, for my older niece, she's had a few favorites already. First it was Dori, then Elsa, and the latest is Dinosaurs. When I made this, I was just hoping she didn't move on before I finished! (Spoiler alert- she didn't!)

I wanted to make her plush in the velvet soft yarn like her sisters raccoon- and found the perfect pattern by MyCraftiiCreations. (link below)

Maker warning for the soft velvet yarn- make sure your are crocheting tight. Tighter than you do with your normal plushes (but not too tight because the velvet yarn will break too.) I haven't worked a lot with the velvet yarn before and I wasn't really paying attention as I went- so I hate to admit but I made this dinosaur twice. My first go was just too loose and it didn't look right.

Not trying to scare you from the velvet yarn- just be aware. It's definitely worth the buttery softness as you work with it to need to be a little extra careful. Don't be surprised if I share a sweater pattern made from it by next winter! 😉

I made this with the same super soft velvet yarn I made the Raccoon in. You only need one skein of each (and will have extra) Bernat Velvet in Burgundy Plum and Velveteal.

You can purchase the pattern from MyCraftiiCreations on Etsy- here.

Happy Crocheting!


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