Boughs of Holly Tree Skirt

Deck your tree with the Boughs of Holly Tree Skirt! The delicate pattern adds a Classic Christmas feel, resembling hanging garland and bulbs. Keep the ruffle hem the same color, or add an accent to modify to the holiday vibe that best suits your tree.

Better late than never, right? I tried SO. HARD. to get this pattern complete before Christmas- but rather than stressing myself out with everything else going on, I gave myself some grace and figured it would be well received regardless of when I shared it with all of you! Plus, now you have a whole 11 months to work on it so it's ready for your tree (or whomever else you might make it for) next year!

When it comes to Christmas décor, I'm more of a classic girl myself. Not that the modern stuff isn't pretty- it just doesn't say Christmas! to me in the way I'd like. That's why I wanted something in classic colors and a delicate look.

I've been wanting to make a Tree Skirt for a while but could never settle on the design. This year, inspiration hit! I've had some pretty duddy tree skirts since I've been living on my own. For whatever reason I cannot bring myself to buy the ones I like because I think spending $50 on a tree skirt is too much. Which is ironic because after the yarn cost and crochet hours on this bad boy- I certainly spent WAY more than that! But, it's different, right? ;)

I used Caron Simply Soft yarn for this project and I def recommend it if you make one. It's a nice heavy weight for something like this, it's not as bulky looking as other 4 weights and the sheen glimmers perfectly under the tree lights! I used their "Party" S