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Simply Sweet Plush Raccoon

One of my favorite things to crochet are things for baby. Baby things are usually small, sweet and soft! I've recently been on a crochet spree of things for my nieces! This cute little raccoon is one of my favorites I just made!

While I haven't posted in a while, I haven't stopped crocheting! I just realized that I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to design and share new patterns frequently, and it turned my favorite pass time into a job (and I already have one of those!). And worse yet, it took something that I usually do to relax and unwind- into something that was causing me stress and making me anxious. No good!

I took a step back and reset my expectations of myself and my blog, and ultimately took a little break. I'm back and I'm excited to share my creations and patterns again- but will be doing it at a pace that works with my life and keeps this hobby exactly that- a hobby. way to relax and express creatively!

While I love designing my own patterns, I also love making creations from other designers. If someone already created a pattern for something I want to make, why not appreciate their hard work? I fell in love with this little Raccoon as soon as I saw it. AND I learned some new techniques from Ekaterina's pattern. (I love adding to my crochet skill box!)

I wanted to make something soft and silky, so I used velvet yarn hoping my niece would love snuggling up with it. I also found the CUTEST tags to put on the little stuffed animals I give as gifts. I love customizable things like this that make handmade items *extra* special.

The Raccoon Pattern can be purchased on Ravelry- click here. Pattern by Ekaterina Chirkova.

Ekaterina shares the yarn she uses but I used Bernat Velvet in Prince, Smokey Violet, and White.

Love the tag? You can get them from ArtiFoxStudios on Etsy- here.

Happy Crocheting!


*Blanket in the image below was also something I made for my niece- I'll be sharing that soon!

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