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Baby Bear Hat and Booties

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

There's nothing I love more than getting a request from someone who knows I crochet to make something for them. A co-worker of mine had her first grand-niece on the way and was looking for a special gift. While there's very few babies in my family (at the moment!) I absolutely love making baby things. First of all- little things are ALWAYS cute. Second- you can whip them out in no time!

I took this opportunity to be a little adventurous and created this bear hat with it's Minnie-Mouse inspired bow. I added a pair of booties from one of my favorite free booties patterns to make it a set!

*Hat Pattern Coming Soon

* Bootie Pattern I used: Ashley Marie

*I used an alpaca yarn to give it an earthy feel but note that when using Alpaca yarn- it "sheds". You can see in the image the little hairs that are loose from the yarn. If you don't like that look- use a synthetic yarn that is less likely to have those loose hairs.

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