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Cozy Cardigan

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Did you guys know that you can find A LOT of great (and free!) patterns on your favorite yarn brands website?? They have hundreds of them! Lion Brand, Red Heart... you name the company- I bet they have them!

I found this gem on Lion Brand's website. Don't you just think it's the absolute perfect fall sweater? I love that you can cuddle up in it but also that it's light enough if the day gets a little warmer.

My absolute favorite part of this pattern is the back and the sleeve detail. The thick arches really stand out and are a really easy stitch! It adds just enough detail that you can dress it up or wear it casually. I'm obsessed with sweaters that have cute back detail, (or any detail for that matter!) so it's probably pretty obvious why I liked this one!

It's noted as an intermediate skill level but I would say that's only due to the assembly with how the pattern flows. The actual stitches and pattern are easy to read.

I followed this pattern to a T! I usually switch out the recommended yarn or hook size but I didn't on this one. It was written for their Heartland yarn- and I would recommend getting some and trying it if you haven't already.

After I finished this sweater, I bought 12 skeins in different colors! I think it's the perfect yarn for hats and scarves as well! Seriously, go get some!

The yarn is light and soft (Lighter than most 4 weights). It does have a little fuzz to it because it's 100% acrylic and made to mimic wool- but the fuzz is minimal and it's soft -not scratchy like real wool.

If you'd like to make your own, here are the details!

Pattern: High Street Cardigan @ Lion Brand Yarns by Teresa Chorzepa

Happy Crocheting!


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