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Cuddle Up Over-sized Sweater

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

It's been cold and snowy here in MN this weekend but I've made good use out of it! It's the perfect weather to stay home, curl up in a nice afghan and crochet! And that's exactly what I did. I'm feeling pretty accomplished this Sunday as I've finished 2 of my outstanding projects I've been meaning to complete and I *almost* finished 2 others! That takes my WIP count down to about 8- ha! Anyone else have a hard time keeping themselves from starting new projects?

This oversized cozy sweater isn't one of the projects I finished this weekend but I finally finished up the pattern so I could share it with all of you!

I used one of my favorite yarns- Lion Brand Heartland. It's so soft and has such a good drape! I'm also in love with the color! I saw the yarn in the store quite a while ago and love the color but had to stew a while to figure out what it was meant to be.

You'll find the Darling Dana Designs original pattern below.

Happy Crocheting!


*Please note- this post contains affiliate links. I get a small percentage of any purchase made through the links below and it helps keep the free patterns coming your way!

Pattern Notes: This sweater is meant to be over-sized- pattern written for S-M (Size L-XL in parenthesis).


  • 7 mm hook

  • Yarn Needle

  • Weight 4 Yarn (I used Lion Brand Heartland in Badlands--> Get yours here!) It took 5 skeins for the S/M and 6 for the L/XL.

Front / Back Piece (Make 2)

Ch 59 (Ch 69)

R1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each st across (58 hdc (68 hdc))

R2: Ch 1, hdc in 3rd loop from the hook and in each stitch across

R3: ch 1, hdc in each stitch across

R4-R50: Rep R2-R3

L-XL Only- Rep 2-3 through R54

Finish Off.


Ch 46 (ch 51)

R1: hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each st across (45 hdc (50hdc))

R2: ch 1, hdc in 3rd loop in each stitch across

R3: ch 1, hdc in each stitch across

R4-R26: Rep R2-R3

L-XL Only: Rep R2-3 through R30

Fold in half so that the “v”s are facing inward and sl st together across.


Reattach yarn

*Each row end counts as 1 stitch

R1: ch 1, sc2tog in each stitch around

R2-R3: hdc in each stitch around

R4: sc in each stitch around

Finish Off.


*Ensure that you are sewing or slip stitching your seams together so that the “v” side will be on the outside of the garment.

**Sew sleeves on at the top of each side

***Slip stitch the seams together under the sleeves

****Sew together the top of the blouse leaving desired size for neck opening.


Reattach yarn at the bottom of the sweater

R1: ch 1, Hdc in each stitch around, sl st to join.

R2:ch 1, *hdc in next 2, hdc2tog in next; rep from * around, sl st to join

R3: ch 1, *hdc in next 4, hdc2tog; rep from * around, sl st to join

R4-R5: ch 1, hdc in each stitch around, sl st to join

R6: ch 1, sc in each st around

Finish Off.


Reattach yarn

Sc in each “row” around. Sl st to join.

Sew in ends.

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Mar 13

For Row 2 where it says, hdc in third loop from the hook, is the third loop the back loop of the hdc or does this mean the third hdc from the hook?


Shayna Hoberman
Shayna Hoberman
Feb 26, 2023

Hello, what is the gauge? I have a bunch of yarn that I am trying to use up, and I want to make sure I can make it with this yarn as it is classified as worsted but feels a little thin thinner.


Dec 03, 2021

Its been a while since you posted this pattern, but could you give the dimensions of the finished sweater in L/XL?


Jan 05, 2021

Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the assembly. Is there a specific part that I can walk through or clarify?

I fold the sleeves in half and slip stitch it together (this should be done before you seam the front and back) From there- I lay my front and back pieces flat/on top of each other. Line up the sleeve with the top of the front and back so it's level with where your collar will be)

I mark where the bottom of the sleeve hole falls on either side with a stich marker. This marks where your side seam ends and sleeve seam begins.

From here- I seam both front and back together until that marker (you can se…


Jan 01, 2021

I’m feeling kinda dumb do you have photos or a step by step on how to assemble and what it should look like

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