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Freshly Fallen Leaves

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hate me if you must, but this cooler weather has got me in the mood for FALL! The cool, sweater weather just makes my heart happy. I'm ready for the beautiful colors and a little chillier air.

In my defense, you need to be a little ahead of the seasons when it comes to crochet. (Need is the wrong word... since I also crocheted an afghan in July... You do you!) What I really mean is, if you want to use your crocheted goodies in the correct month/season/holiday, then you need to be a little ahead of schedule.

These adorable leaves were so quick and fun to whip up. They are part of a larger crochet wreath project I'm working on and hope to share soon. I also think they'd make for adorable coasters, don't you? What else could we use them for?

Pattern Credit: The Painted Hinge

I *almost* followed the pattern word for word. I used weight 4 yarn like the pattern recommends but used a size 4.5 mm hook. I have a tighter stitch already but this hook size gave made it just enough so that the edges of the leaves got a little curled. I thought it made them look more authentic, but if that look isn't for you- use the size hook the pattern recommends.

The pattern uses the chain and slip stitch method to make the center of your leaf. This is a great place to use the Magic Knot (Loop) technique instead. It provides a more seamless look and is actually a lot easier! *In the Pattern you would "Ch 3 and 11 DC into your Magic Loop" and continue the pattern from there.

Watch my video tutorial to learn how to use the Magic Knot.

Leaf Colors:

Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Cafe Latte, Carrot

Caron One Pound in Sunflower

Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red

*I intentionally used different types of yarn- as they each work up to be different sizes. Note how my red leaf is slightly smaller than the others? The Simply Soft isn't as stiff as the other yarns so it allows for a tighter stitch all around, making it smaller. The Caron One Pound is a little thicker- so my yellow leave is slightly larger. I mean who doesn't want real looking crochet leaves?

Get ready for all the fall posts, friends!

Happy Crocheting!


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