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Granny Square Sweater by isWoolish

I'm a sucker for anything unique- so much so, I often over complicate my own patterns and designs- making a headache for myself. The lovely thing about this sweater is that the design AND construction are both super unique but still super simple to make. The fun bobbles and cute ruffles are what caught my eye right away!

In true 'Dana' fashion, I had to complicate matters and picked yarn from my stash... turns out the dye lot changed since I purchased it and about half way through the sweater- I ran out. I thought I could buy more no problem so I didn't make sure I had enough to start. You would have thought I'd learned my lesson after that... but no! I did the same thing with this lovely green yarn. (insert face palm here) Luckily enough, I found the dye lot on ebay for this one and it saved my behind from another fruitless project. I think I may have learned my lesson now and I'm going to try to keep my yarn stash down for this very reason. No promises though ;)

I saved the picture of my half sweater using the yarn I ran out of (and couldn't find) as both a reminder to myself and to show you how cool the construction of this pattern is! You make a hexagon granny square and then fold it in thirds to get the sleeve and body piece. It's so cool! I never would have thought of something like this.

I seriously cannot express how much I love this pattern! isWoolish makes the cutest designs AND this one comes in children's sizes! (My list of "to-makes" is so long but I def want to make one for my niece!)

I used LionBrand's Heartland yarn in Kings Canyon. It's such a soft yarn that has beautiful drape- it's one of my favorites and perfect for this project! I also love the gorgeous green color for fall and winter.

If you'd like to make your own- you can purchase the pattern here on isWoolish's site or click the button below.

Happy Crocheting!


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