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Jasmine Sweater (Design by Mon Petit Violon) Baby/Children

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

You guys, How adorable is this sweater design? I fell in love with this design from the moment I saw it on Pinterest. This was a gift for my niece this Christmas and I had so much fun making it! My original plan was to make her a sweater of my own design but deadlines came too fast and I decided it was more time constraint savvy to use another designers pattern.

Although I love designing my own patterns and letting the creative juices fly; I love using other designers work and learning from them when you use their patterns. I learned a lot with this one- I've never made any clothing by working from the yoke down, this was a first! I will say- I love the seamless design!

This pattern is great because it works from baby sizes up to 9-10 years old- I joked I could make her one every year! It uses simple stitches to create a pretty pattern and it works up quickly! It was a bonus that I was able to use this project as another "use up the yarn stash" project!

The sweater uses light weight 3 yarn. I am SO in love with the yarn I used but I must have had it for some time because it doesn't look like they make it anymore. (If you can find it on e-bay- it's Soho- Fancy that! yarn in Whimsy) Although, there are a million other yarns out there that would be adorable! Plus, it always helps when your model is cute! I might be biased- by my niece is too stinkin' cute! (PS. Getting a one-year old to hold still for photos is a struggle- hence all the toys!)

If you'd like to make the sweater, (It's Clara approved!) it's available for purchase on Etsy by Vita of Mon Petit Violon --> Get it here.

Happy Crocheting!


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