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Juniper Sweater by 'Crochet with Carrie'

One of my goals of the year is to USE UP MY YARN STASH... while that goal is not looking like it will be completed in 2021, I'm making progress toward it. (A few relapses where I've added to the stash but I'm all about focusing on the positive!) Joking aside- that has been one of my biggest issues with completing "goals" or "resolutions". If I don't do it 100% of the time and perfectly, I throw it out the window and start over tomorrow, next week, next year. This year has been my, "some is better than none" year and let me tell you- I've stuck to my goals longer than I ever have and am making progress.

Anyways, knowing that I've wanted to make lighter-weight clothing for a while now, my yarn stash was full of a bunch of light weight yarn. This sweater pattern was exactly what I was looking for- it uses a lighter weight yarn AND it was a nice simple project- win win! I used Lion Brand's Truboo in Denim for my sweater. I used 5 skeins to make the small/medium. This yarn is oh so soft! It's 100% bamboo and has a beautiful drape. Seriously, I love this yarn and wish it came in more colors! It's perfect for clothing.

The pattern is easy to work up but I will caution and say- it runs long. I will admit that I'm only 5' tall so it's going to be longer on me than most- but it was extra long (talking almost to my knees). I took about 12 rows of the pattern out but I wanted mine to sit a little bit above the hip- I probably would have taken 8 out to get it to hit where it does on Carrie's image on her site. (Great pattern regardless but thought I'd leave this tip if there are any other shorties out there like me.)


Want to make your own? You can find the Juniper Sweater Pattern by Carrie of Crochet by Carrie here.

Happy Crocheting!


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