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Let it Snow Wreath

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Last December (2019- Pre-Pandemic) we went to Las Vegas for a mini get away before the holiday's. I'd never been anywhere during Christmas-time that wasn't MN and seeing Palm Tree's with holiday lights and no snow on the ground felt weird... They even had an outdoor ice rink where people were wearing T-shirts... weird.

It's so funny how perspectives are different depending on where you grew up, I'm sure lights in palm trees and green grass give others the warm holiday fuzzies but for me it felt like something was missing. That's why this year, when we were a week before Christmas and there was hardly any snow on the ground in MN- I was feeling like something was missing. I may have wished for snow for the holidays... MN certainly delivered and most anyone who knew I wished for it, blamed me for the bucket full mother nature decided to drop (sorry, not sorry- I got my white Christmas!)

In the spirit of me now being blamed for ALL snow this season (I guess I broke some sort of seal with my wish...) I thought I might as well make a wreath to commemorate it! Bring on the snow, MN- Finley loves it! ;)

I've created a video tutorial on how I covered the wreath using the loopy yarn- it was so much easier than using a hook but if you must use a hook- I'd go with something big like a 15 mm. One of my biggest issues when designing is making things too complicated- there is beauty in simplicity. (That holds true for more things than just crochet projects... I need to remind myself of this sometimes...) I tried multiple different "add ons" for this wreath- crochet trees, crochet snowflakes... it all just made it look overdone. So we're keeping it simple and letting the loopy yarn do it's thing.

Find the video tutorial to make your own below. I used these cute wood cutouts from My Crafty Beginnings Co (get your here) and used hot glue to adhere it to the wreath.

Happy Crocheting!


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