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Lilac Boho Sweater

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I am in the middle of perfecting this pattern for publishing so I can share it with all of you. My latest obsession is flowy (is that a word? I'm deciding it is!) clothing so of course, I wanted to make something of my own. Why buy when you can make? (Other than cost and time- all of you folks who hand make things will understand that joke!)

Never having created a top before I started to "wing it". I'm not sure if that's a technical term but let's go with it. It turned out better than I anticipated. When I created this blouse I hadn't considered actually documenting what I was doing for fear it would all be for none as it wouldn't turn out. Boy was I wrong. It ended up becoming a pattern I love and now I'm going to have to make another so I can document the pattern. Lesson learned- good design can come from "winging it" so WRITE. IT. DOWN.

More to come and I can't wait to share the final pattern with all of you!

This pattern is an original Darling Dana Design.

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