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Lost in Time Shawl

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I'm guessing many of you have seen this pattern floating around in all the different crochet platforms but if you haven't- here it is! Johanna Lindahl's "Lost in Time Shawl" is an absolutely gorgeous pattern and isn't too difficult for the novice crocheter.

It's the perfect quarantine project for these absolutely crazy times we are living in right now. Although I've got to be honest, there's no one more prepared for quarantine than a crocheter! We've been training for this!

But in all seriousness, I hope you are staying healthy and are not going too stir crazy stuck inside. In between working (I'm fortunate enough that my job is able to be worked from home) and the kitchen remodel we decided to start in the middle of a quarantine (bad idea?), I've been spending SO. MUCH. TIME. crocheting. And I'm loving it! However, I've been terrible at getting pictures taken of my completed projects so I can share them with you! (This quarantine has gotten me WAY too comfortable in pony tails and sweatpants, anyone else?)

Anyways, Click here for the pattern --> Lost in Time Shawl by Johanna Lindahl.

The detail in the stitches is beautiful. I wanted a solid colored scarf that let the detail speak for itself but you'll find a lot of people have created multi colored scarfs that are also beautiful. I used Woollike yarn by Loops and Threads in Navy.

Stay well!

Happy Crocheting!


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