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Moon Petals Doily

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

My love for crochet came from my mom. She’s the queen of gorgeous doilies but I’ve never tried them myself. I finally decided that after making a couple lace blouses… why not try my hand at it?

Sometimes I wonder if my mom had never crocheted, if I would have picked up the craft? I tried learning when I was younger, my mom taught me but I was easily frustrated. I couldn’t keep my tension consistent, kept missing stitches and it kept getting twisted. I gave up- but not forever. I do have a stubborn streak. Some years later I picked it back up again, perhaps some patience settled in, I’m not sure. I am sure glad I did! (So if you’re just starting and your frustrated- don’t give up!)

My mom is a master at doilies- so I certainly have something to aspire to. They are always beautiful and I think each of her stitches are perfect. I’ve always been a bit nervous about doilies- it was never the thread because I’ve used that to make lace blouses. The patterns always seemed a bit daunting. I had to remind myself that most new things often are, right?! I think it’s because so many use a pattern with an image of squares opposed to a written pattern. To ease myself in I found a written pattern opposed to the picture. Sometimes you’re in the mood to try different things and sometimes your just want to be good at something, you know?

Now I know not every one of my stitches is as perfect as my mom’s but I’ll get there, maybe. It’s like when you make a recipe of your mom’s and it just doesn’t taste quite like her's- there’s a little mom magic in her's that you don't have. My doilies won’t have that mom magic- unless being a fur mama gives me some mom magic? I'm hoping Finley thinks so!

Workin' towards that Mom Magic,


You can find the pattern I used here: Moonpetals by Julia Hart

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