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Plush Ribbed Bath Mat

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

It's crazy how the simplest of designs become your favorite. This one is one of my hubbies favorite- he goes out of his way to tell people how awesome it is. I just think that's the sweetest! It's THE. BEST. feeling when others love what you make! I would say that's one of my top reasons for crocheting.

As part of my "Use all Yarn in 2021" goal- I had a bunch of extra Bernat Blanket yarn lying around from left over blanket projects which was perfect for this project.

I love those squishy bath mats but am always disappointed when they have the stiff backing because I like to keep my mats draped over the tub side. The ribbing on this pattern make the bath mat squishy like those but it can still drape over the side of the tub. (The soft and squishy is Landon's favorite part!)

Find the pattern below to make your own!

Happy Crocheting!




  • Size 8 MM Hook

  • Bernat Blanket Yarn- I used "Vapor Gray", "Whipped Cream", and "Silver Steel"

  • Yarn Needle


Notes: I created a couple variations in the pattern to get different designs (also to work with how much of each color I had.) For the "bold" striped one- I did 5 rows in each color.

For the "skinny" striped one- I did 5 rows of cream and then 2 in the color.

Finished project measures 21" x 27"

Ch 44

R1: In the third chain from the hook- dc, dc in each st across (43 dc)

R2: Ch 2 (counts as first stitch here and throughout. Skip the first dc at the start of row, here and throughout) *FPDC around the DC from the previous row, hdc in next stitch, * rep from * to last stich (end with hdc in turning chain from row before)

R3: Ch 2, BPDC around the FPDC from the previous row, hdc in next stitch, *rep from * to last stitch (end with hdc in turning chain from row before)

R4-R40: Rep R2-R3

Finish Off. Sew in Ends.

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2 комментария

Cheryl Kottke
Cheryl Kottke
02 февр.

what is BPDC and FPDC? Actually, r2 doesn't make any sense at all.

Julia Leather
Julia Leather
19 февр.
Ответ пользователю

BPDC is back post double crochet

FPDC is front post double crochet

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