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Snow Couple

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Before reading just know- I made these snow people at a more appropriate time- December. However, here in MN on April 15th- it is STILL snowing. In fact- we're having a spring blizzard. With that in mind I thought it would be appropriate to share my snow couple. I follow the r/crochet sub on Reddit (if you don't, I recommend). That sub and the cute animal subs were the only way my boyfriend could get me on Reddit. Anyways, someone had posted a picture of a boy snowman that they had made- I was in LOVE and knew it was the perfect Christmas gift for my boyfriend's mom.

Luckily, this redditer tagged the pattern onto the post so I could make my own. In my head- with no height context in the post- I thought he was small (maybe 8 inches high at the most). Boy, was I wrong! This guy was made to be over a foot tall! (That's what you get when you either don't really look at a pattern ahead of time or when it's not addressed in a pattern. I occasionally jump head first into a project I'm excited about and through caution to the wind! I know- if that's my idea of throwing caution to the wind I must live an exciting life.)

I went with it anyways, modifying it as I went to accommodate what I thought would be best. I changed the hat, the scarf, the nose and added the pipe cleaner arms and mini mittens. Once he was all finished I thought he looked odd standing by himself so I made a Mrs. Frosty the snowman to join him. I changed some of the increases/decreases so she'd be shorter and added eyelashes and some cute heart buttons. Don't they just make the perfect pair?

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