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Teal Shell Scarf: The *Calming* Effects of Crochet

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Do you ever have one of those days, weeks, months? It's been one of those for me as of late. Work has been hectic and running over into my personal life (mostly my own fault- I can't say no) and because of this I haven't kept up on my cleaning, bills, exercise, you name it. As someone who struggles with anxiety on a good day- it's even worse when I'm stressed.

What I love about crocheting is that it has some of the same benefits as meditation. Obviously not if you're trying a difficult new pattern but a lot of the repeat stitches can be done without a lot of thought or effort- and it keeps your hands busy! I don't sit still well- I can't sit and watch TV and relax like a "normal" person. I like to be doing something at all times. I also have a hard time shutting my brain off. While that is not why I got into crochet- it seemed to be a match made in heaven for a girl who can't sit still and is anxiety ridden.

This shell scarf is the result of my de-stressing after a couple hectic work weeks. I worked on it in the evening to calm my nerves and distract my mind from my ever growing to-do list. Not only did the project help de-stress me but I created a lovely scarf from it- bonus! Afghans are another great item to work on in order to de-stress. (Row after row of repeating stitches that go on and on- ultimate stress relief!) If you don't crochet yet, this is just another reason to start!

Happy Crocheting!

Read more on Crocheting and it's benefits for anxiety and the brain here:

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