"Oh the Places We'll Go!" Zoo Animal Balloon Nursery Frame

I've got a sweet spot for baby things. My cousin recently had a little baby boy and I've made him so. many. things. It's funny to see the evolution of a design- this nursery window box originally was going to be a mobile. When she said she got a mobile- I was like, okay, plan B! And I think I like Plan B even better!

I'm already thinking of other versions of this that I could make! I did have a fourth animal when I was planning on making it a mobile. It was a Panda and it was the scariest. panda. ever! Good thing I only needed 3 animals for my photo box!

I visited them last weekend and she hung it up in his nursery over his crib- it just makes my heart so happy to see that. While I was holding him, I caught him looking at it and my heart swelled! (I mean- I know he can't tell me he likes it but I'm taking that to mean he does! I hope he's ready for me to make him all the things for the rest of his life!)

Happy Crocheting!