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A few of my favorite *Crochet things: Thing 2 and 3

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Every crocheter should have a basic set of crochet tools in their arsenal. While hooks and yarn needles are some must haves (obviously!), these two favorite things are a couple I would highly recommend if you are or plan to be an avid crocheter.

Thing 2: Yarn Bowl

While the name sounds kind of weird- it's exactly what it sounds. A bowl for your yarn to spin in while you crochet. These are handy for those types of skeins that don't have a center pull such as threads and balls of yarn. I had been crocheting for some time before I finally decided to get a yarn bowl. I'm so glad I did! It keeps the yarn from rolling around (onto the floor and unraveling as it rolls away... can you relate? If so, don't wait- get one.)

The one I purchased is a cost effective one that I found on Amazon. It's relatively small as I purchased it primarily for thread. (So if you use bigger balls of yarn- you might have to try a larger bowl). I liked it because it had the option of the hole and the lip so I could chose if I wanted to get my yarn out during a project. This one is only 1$2.99 but there are A TON of options out there if you don't like this one. Whether you try this one or a different bowl- I highly recommend!

Find this one here: Amazon Yarn Valet Yarn Bowl

Thing 3: Yarn Dispenser

I grouped these two things together because they are very similar in functionality. While the yarn bowl is for balls of yarn or thread- a yarn dispenser works for those center pull skeins. Why would you need on for center pull yarn? Well for those center pulls that fail, of course. You know that moment when you pull the yarn and it doesn't come, a big chunk of yarn "guts" comes out, or it tries to pull in on itself?! Frustrating, right?! Well this tool makes you feel better when that happens!

If you're like me, you don't want to spend valuable crochet time trying to get your yarn to dispense like it's supposed to- and sometimes it's impossible to get it back anyways. This yarn dispenser slips through the center of your skein and allows you to pull the yarn from the outside. As you crochet- the dispenser spins as you pull. The one I have is Yarn Valet brand and is inexpensive at $

15.99. There are a lot of options for this one too.

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