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Crafty Cutouts ~ Favorite Things

I consider myself a "crafty" person- even outside of crochet. While crochet is my *craft* of choice, I LOVE combining other crafts into my crochet projects. These wooden cutouts are my absolute favorite thing to combine into my projects and when I found them- I bought a BUNCH... Anyone else shop like that? Buy them like they won't available ever again? (I do have a little anxiety about it after some of my favorite yarns were discontinued!)

Anyways, I started looking for them after I made my Fall Wreath- I found a cute wood cutout at Hobby Lobby but all they had was "Welcome". Still super cute for what I was looking for, don't get me wrong! BUT I knew someone had to make some SUPER cute ones and I was right!

My Crafty Beginnings Co didn't disappoint! They have a bunch of adorable wooden cut outs in all kinds of saying and sizes and they were all very reasonably priced- win, win, win!

In combination with my 2021 goal to use up all my yarn, I figured I should also use up all my craft supplies before I buy more of them. Although, they are not quite as out of control as my yarn stash!

I bought three of their adorable signs and they included a cute MN cutout for me as a gift! LOVE LOVE LOVE! (Now I need to figure out what to make with it... Any ideas?)

If you are as obsessed with these as I am- check out their shop- My Crafty Beginnings Co and share with me what you make! Comment below or Share on my Insta or FB Pages (links below).

Here's my snowy Saturday Project- can't wait to share the finished outcome with you all!

Happy Crocheting (and crafting!)


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