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On-the-Go Crochet: Favorite Crochet Things #4

Sand between your toes and yarn between your fingers... perfection.

One of the *many* great things about crocheting is that you can take it with you just about anywhere! In April we went on a get away to sunny (and warm!) Florida. Our goal was to lay on the beach, enjoy the break from the cold (yes, it was still snowing in MN at that time) and relax.

Turns out- I can only do that for about a total of 5 minutes. ha! The second day I stuffed my beach bag with a book, my current crochet project, and my iPad. Now this is the kind of relaxing I can do.

Obviously when you spend time on the beach- sand gets EVERYWHERE. We might love it between our toes but not in your yarn. After crocheting using whatever bag I had at the time- I finally decided to get a real crochet bag. I usually just stuffed my projects into a purse or carry on bag while traveling. I hadn't spent a lot of time looking at crochet/project bags but when I did- they were all round or square and bulky... that's not really my idea of an easy to travel with bag.

Here it is, another of my favorite *crochet* things. I finally found the best crochet tote. I bought the Luxia Tote and love it. It's got a regular bag shape with the same features of a crochet/knitting bag. I got the medium- I tend to over pack. (I always seem to think I'm going to need two skeins of yarn for two hours I'll have free and I've never needed that second skein. I guess it follows the same idea of packing twice as many shoes, underwear, pants as you'll need to wear on a trip. I do that too!)

Happy Crocheting!

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